How to Apply for Truecaller Loan – Best step by Step Guide

Hello friends, here we are going to know what is Truecaller, How to Take Truecaller App Loan, how to apply for a Truecaller loan, how much loan Truecaller is given, and complete information related to it.

Friends, we all work to earn money so that we can fulfill our needs, make our dreams come true, provide a good life for our family, and provide good education to our children.

But somewhere our income is not able to meet our needs and by the end of the month, we have a shortage of money, apart from this, sometimes there is an emergency like illness,

We do not have the money to meet the needs like rent, and children’s fees, so you can meet your money needs immediately by taking an Instant Personal Loan and then repaying it in easy installments.

And today you all know about the app through which we are going to tell you about that app, the name of that app is Truecaller, yes, Truecaller has also started giving a personal loans.

Now you can take an instant personal loan from Truecaller and fulfill your needs, now you do not need to go to any bank for a loan nor do any paperwork,

Truecaller offers you a completely online personal loan without any paperwork, completes the entire process, and transfers the money to your account in just 24 working hours.

Now you will have questions in your mind what is Truecaller, how much loan does Truecaller give, for how much time does Truecaller give loan,

How much interest has to be paid on the Truecaller loan, then read this post till the end and you will get complete information about Truecaller and taking a loan from it.

What is Truecaller?

Truecaller is a smartphone application developed by True Software Scandinavia AB which was launched 12 years ago on 1st July 2009, Truecaller provides us with services like caller-identification, call-blocking, and flash-messaging, call-recording.

Along with this, Truecaller also provides us with the facility of chat and voice calls through the Internet, to take advantage of all these features of Truecaller, you have to download the Truecaller App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store,

And then you have to register with your mobile number on this app, after that, you can take advantage of the facilities of Truecaller and now Truecaller has also started giving instant personal loans.

Now you can take an instant personal loan from Truecaller without any security or collateral, whose entire process is online and the money is instantly transferred to your bank account as soon as the loan process is completed.

What is Truecaller Loan?

Truecaller Loan is a new facility launched by Truecaller which is called Term Loan, through this you can now take an instant term loan from the Truecaller app Term loan means which you have to repay in regular installments, it is a kind of personal loan only.

You can take an instant personal loan from Truecaller, whose entire process is online and the money is directly transferred to your bank account and then you can repay this loan in monthly (EMI) installments.

How much loan does Truecaller give??

Before taking a loan or applying for a loan from anywhere, it is very important to know how much loan that app or finance company is providing, lest we apply for the loan and find out that it is very less. providing loans,

So that our needs are not met, if we talk about Truecaller, then you can take an instant personal loan from Truecaller from Rs 10000 to Rs 5 lakh.

For what tenure does Truecaller give loans?

Since it is very important to know the tenure of the loan, if we get the loan for a very short period, then we may find it difficult to repay it, Truecaller gives us 3 months to 36 months to pay the loan Is.

Truecaller Loan Interest Rate

Take Before not taking it, it is very important to know the interest rate on it because it shows how much interest we will have to pay along with the principal and whether this loan is not expensive for us.

If we talk about Truecaller, then the interest rate on Truecaller App starts from 16% p.a., and the rate at which you will get interest rate depends on your credit history, civil score, income, etc.

Eligibility for Truecaller App Loan

To get Truecaller you have to fulfill the below-mentioned criteria =>

  • You must be an Indian citizen.
  • Your credit score should be above 650 or above. If your credit score is less than 650 then you will not be able to get a loan from Truecaller.
  • If you are employed then your minimum in hand salary should be 13500 and if you are self-employed then your minimum income should be 25000 rupees.

Documents required to take a loan from Truecaller App

For Truecaller, you will need the following documents =>

  • Identity Proof – Aadhar Card / Pan Card.
  • Current Address Proof – If your current address is not there on your Aadhar card, then the electricity bill, water bill, etc.
  • Bank Statement (Salary Account) – 3 months bank statement in which your salary has been credited.

Features of Truecaller Loan?

  • You can take an instant loan anytime from anywhere.
  • 100% online and paperless process so that you do not have to wander anywhere.
  • There is no fee to be paid on loan repayment.
  • You get the facility to choose EMI at your convenience.
  • The loan process gets completed within 24 working hours.
  • The instant loan amount is transferred to your bank account.

How to Check Eligibility for Truecaller Loan?

You don’t need to go anywhere to check eligibility for a Truecaller loan. If on the home screen of your Truecaller app you are getting the Loan option in the bottom menu then it means that you are eligible to take a loan from Truecaller.

And you can apply for a loan if you don’t see the loan card option then you are not eligible and then you can check your credit score etc.

How to Take Loan From Truecaller App?

Now you will also have the same question in your mind the truecaller app loan or How to apply for a Truecaller loan if you already use the Truecaller app then it is good

Because we can apply for a loan only when we are eligible for a Truecaller loan and the loan card is visible on the home screen of our app let us know how to apply for the loan on Truecaller =>

  • Install the Truecaller app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Now register with your mobile number.
  • The loan option will be visible at the bottom of the home screen of your Truecaller app.
  • Click on the loan option.
  • Click on Know More on your page.
  • After that click on Continue.
  • Now enter your basic details and submit.
  • On the next page, enter the details of your work, income, company, PAN card, etc.
  • And click on Check Eligibility to check your loan offer.
  • You will get the loan offer, now click on apply for a loan and submit your documents.
  • After that, your documents will be verified.
  • Then you will be sent the NACH form for Account Auto Debit EMI which you have to print, sign, scan, and send.
  • After that, you will be given a loan agreement which will have to be reviewed and submitted.
  • After this, your loan amount will be credited to your bank account.
  • Now we have come to know what is Truecaller, How to take a Truecaller App loan, and Truecaller Loan apply, Let us now know about some other things related to it.


Are there any fees or charges on the Truecaller loan?

Yes, on taking a loan from Truecaller, you have to pay a one-time processing fee, which can be more or less depending on your loan and risk profile.

Can I take more than one loan from Truecaller?

No, Truecaller provides you the facility to take one loan at a time, you can take another loan after paying off the loan taken earlier. But you cannot take more than one loan at a time.

How to pay the loan EMI?

You do not need to go anywhere to pay the loan EMI, the loan EMI will be directly debited from your bank account which is why you are made to fill out the Nach form.

What is NACH?

National Automatic Clearing House (NACH) is a required form that tells your bank to pay regular EMIs on your behalf, once set up, it allows easy and automatic EMI payments.

What happens if Truecaller loan EMI is not paid on time?

Truecaller does not charge any extra on late EMI but it can adversely affect your civil score and then you may face problems in taking a loan again.

Where can I use the Truecaller loan?

You can use the loan taken from Truecaller wherever you want like rent, school fees, mobile, computer purchase, treatment, or wherever you want Truecaller’s loan. There is no restriction from this side.

Is there any security required for the Truecaller loan?

No, the loan available on Truecaller is a personal loan on which no security is required, it is a collateral-free loan.

Here we have tried to provide all the information related to Truecaller App and how to take a truecaller app loan, How to take a Truecaller App loan and how to apply for Truecaller Loan,

What documents will be required to take a loan from the Truecaller app, how much will be the Truecaller loan, how much will be the tenure, and what will be the interest rate of the Truecaller loan?

If you have any other questions related to How to take a loan from Truecaller App, then you must tell us in the comment section, we will be very happy to answer your questions.

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