How to Take RBL Bank Personal Loan- Apply Online Best Guide 2022

Hello friends, here we are going to know about taking loan from RBL Bank, how to apply for RBL Bank loan and RBL Bank Personal Loan Apply Online.

Friends, in today’s time, money is needed to fulfill every small and big need, without money there is no work, to buy anything, to travel somewhere, it takes money for everyone.

Apart from this, there are many such important works like marriage, children’s education, house repair or improvement, treatment of diseases, traveling abroad, accidents, household expenses, credit card bills and many more. .

Apart from this, we need money in an epidemic like corona and in all this our budget gets spoiled or we need more money than we have.

Sometimes such an emergency comes that we need money immediately and if we ask for a loan from a friend or relative, they refuse saying that we do not have it now.

And we have to come back disappointed, in such a situation it is very convenient to take a personal loan because with this we can easily meet our money requirement and also pay it in easy installments.

RBL Bank provides us online personal loan without any security deposit very easily and very affordable rate of interest which we can repay in monthly installments as per our convenience.

So if you also want to know about RBL Bank, how to apply RBL Bank Se Loan, RBL Bank Personal Loan Apply Online, how much loan RBL Bank gives, what is RBL Bank Personal Loan interest rate,

For how many days RBL Bank gives loan, who can take loan from RBL Bank, what is the eligibility to take loan from RBL Bank, read this post till the end to know the answers to all these questions and you will get RBL Bank Personal Loan You will get complete information related to it.

About RBL Bank

RBL Bank is a reputed private bank in India, full name of RBL Bank is Ratnakar Bank Ltd. It was established in 1943, in today’s time RBL Bank is one of the top five private banks in India.

RBL Bank does all the work related to banking like personal banking, business banking, credit cards, loan, fixed deposit, fund transfer etc. RBL Bank has 429 main and 1365 subsidiary branches all over India.

Prakash Chandra ji is the chairman of RBL Bank, as well as RBL Bank is also registered in NSE (National Stock Exchange) and BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange).

Where can you use personal loan?

You can use the personal loan taken from RBL Bank or any bank or finance company anywhere, you can use the personal loan money to complete any of your work.

There is no restriction on the use of personal loan money from the bank or finance company, you can use personal loan money to meet these needs =>

  • Home Improvement or Repair – Many times we have to get the house repaired, or some improvement in it, furnishing or some other work has to be done, for all these you can use personal loan money.
  • Marriage / Marriage – If someone gets married in the house, then it costs a lot, you can use the personal loan money for the wedding expenses and meet all the expenses with a personal loan.
  • Education – In today’s time, the cost of education of children has become very high and if your children or you yourself go to the country or abroad for higher education, then a lot of money is needed for that but you can take a personal loan from RBL Bank. With this, these expenses can also be met.
  • Traveling abroad – It is everyone’s dream to travel abroad or go on a trip somewhere, but due to lack of money, people are not able to fulfill this dream, then you can fulfill this dream by taking a personal loan.
  • Illness or Accident – ​​Sometimes due to some illness or accident, we need money in a medical emergency, in such a situation, you can meet your medical and treatment expenses by taking a personal loan from RBL Bank.
  • Others – Apart from the above-mentioned works, if you need money for any other work, then you can fulfill those needs with that money by taking a personal loan from RBL Bank.

How To Take Loan?

Personal loan is a very easy way to meet important expenses. RBL Bank provides you instant personal loan ranging from small to large amount which you can repay in easy monthly installments.

Applying for a personal loan in RBL Bank is very easy and your loan is approved instantly if you meet the eligibility criteria set by the bank.

Applying online is a very quick and easy way to get a personal loan. You can also apply for a personal loan from the RBL Bank website or mobile app.

Follow these steps to avail personal loan from RBL Bank =>

  • Go to the website of RBL Bank.
  • Click on Apply Now in the Personal Loan section.
  • In the next page, you have to verify your mobile number by entering it.
  • After that the personal loan application form will open in front of you.
  • How to take personal loan from RBL Bank
  • Here you have to enter your name, mobile number, email id, date of birth, gender etc. and click on start application.
  • After this, RBL Bank provides you a loan quote, which contains the details of the estimated loan amount you can get etc.
  • After this, you have to submit your information and KYC documents by clicking on apply.
  • After that your documents etc. are checked by the bank and if everything is correct then your loan is approved.
  • Then you can transfer the loan money to any bank account, if you are facing any problem or problem in applying for loan online then you can also apply by visiting nearest branch of RBL bank.

How much is RBL Bank Personal Loan available?

Before applying for a loan in any bank or finance company, it is very important to know how much loan they provide so that you do not have to repent later on getting less loan or apply elsewhere.

RBL Bank provides you personal loan ranging from one lakh rupees to twenty lakh rupees which is provided collateral free (without collateral / security).

For how many days RBL Bank gives Personal Loan?

You will also have the same question in your mind that for how long RBL Bank gives loan or in how much time you can repay the loan taken from RBL Bank.

The tenure of personal loan taken from RBL Bank ranges from 12 months to 60 months i.e. 1 year to 5 years. You can repay your personal loan in monthly installments ranging from one year to five years.

What is the interest rate of RBL Bank Personal Loan?

This is a very important question because it shows how much interest we will have to pay on the loan, RBL Bank personal loan interest rate ranges from 14% to 23%.

The interest rate applicable on the personal loan of the applicant depends on his income, credit history, tenure of the loan, etc.

Along with this, even if the applicant is an old customer of RBL Bank or already has an account with RBL Bank, then he gets some discount in the interest rate.

Eligibility for taking RBL Bank Personal Loan?

Before applying for a loan anywhere, it is advisable to check whether we meet their eligibility criteria or not because by this we already know whether we will get the loan or not.

Along with this, our chances of applying and getting rejected are also known, so if we are not eligible then do not apply because application rejection also has a negative effect on the civil score.

To take a personal loan from RBL Bank, the applicant must fulfill these eligibility criteria =>

  • The monthly income of the applicant should be at least 40000 per month.
  • The minimum age of the applicant should be 25 years at the time of loan sanction and maximum age of 60 years at the time of loan maturity or retirement age.
  • Applicant should have minimum 1 year work experience in current employment and minimum 3 years total employment experience.

Documents required to take RBL Bank Personal Loan?

To apply for a personal loan anywhere, you have to attach all the necessary documents with the application, similarly to apply for a personal loan in RBL Bank, you will have to submit the following documents =>

  • Personal Loan from RBL Bank
  • Duly signed and filled application form with one color photograph.
  • Pan Card
  • Identity and Age Proof – Any one of these (Aadhaar Card, Passport, Valid Driving License, Voter ID)
  • Residence Certificate – Any one of these (Aadhaar Card, Passport, Valid Driving License, Voter ID, Electricity/Telephone/Mobile Bill – should not be more than 60 days old)
  • Latest three months bank statement in which your salary has been credited.
  • 1 latest salary slip for loan below 7.5 lakh, 2 latest salary slip for loan above 7.5 lakh.

RBL Bank Personal Loan Fees & Charges?

RBL Bank gives you flexible options to repay your loan. Apart from the interest rate, they also charge a nominal fee for certain other factors. Following are the charges you should be aware of =>

Processing Fee

RBL Bank charges a processing fee of up to 3.5% of the loan value as a one-time processing fee, the processing fee is payable to you only once but if you are an old customer of RBL Bank
You can ask for a lower processing fee.

Repayment and Foreclosure Charges

With RBL Bank, you can repayment of your personal loan only after 12 months of your first monthly installment, if you want to repayment or foreclose your loan between a period of 13 to 18 months, then the bank will charge you 5% of the outstanding principal charges.

If you want to close your loan after 18 months, the bank charges a fee of 3% of the outstanding principal, but there are no charges for closure if the loan is repaid in full 12 months’ monthly installments.

Overdue interest

If you are not able to pay your loan installment in any month, then you have to pay a late fee charge of up to 2% per month of the outstanding amount.


How long does it take for loan approval in RBL Bank?

RBL Bank generally approves the loan within one working day after receiving the filled application form along with all the required documents from the applicant.

Is there any security required to avail personal loan from RBL Bank?

Personal loan is a type of unsecured loan i.e. you do not have to deposit any kind of security to take personal loan, in RBL Bank also you do not have to give any security for personal loan.

How to repay personal loan?

Personal loans are provided like term loans which can be paid in monthly installments, installment payment can be done through NACH facility, direct account debit or cheque.

How to know whether we are eligible for loan?

RBL Bank provides personal loans exclusively to salaried individuals. Your age should be between 25-60 years at the time of loan availing and closure and if your monthly salary is more than 40000 then you are eligible to take personal loan from RBL bank.

Here we have tried to tell everything about taking loan from RBL Bank like, How to Apply RBL Bank Personal Loan Apply Online, How much loan RBL Bank gives, What is the interest rate of RBL Bank,

For how many days rbl bank gives loan, who can take loan from rbl bank, what is the eligibility to take loan from rbl bank if you have any other question related to taking loan from rbl bank then you can tell us in comment section Tell me we will be very happy to answer your questions.

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