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Hello friends, here we are going to know what is Navi Health Insurance, how to take the Best Health Insurance Policy from Navi Health Insurance App, and here we are going to do a Complete Navi Health Insurance Review.

Friends, we all work for the maintenance and livelihood of ourselves and our family, some do jobs, some do some kind of business and we work day and night for the happiness of our family.

But in all these things, we are not able to pay attention to our health, due to which our health deteriorates, sometimes we have to go to the hospital, and sometimes we have to face serious diseases.

There is no confidence in one’s health in life, anyone’s health can be bad at any time, sometimes it happens that people have some serious disease but they do not know about it,

But when the same disease takes a serious form then it comes to know about it and then it becomes very difficult to get the treatment of that disease and to bear the cost of its treatment.

We and you must have seen many such families whose financial condition becomes so bad that by investing money only in the treatment of serious diseases of a family member, it becomes so bad that they can get further treatment,

And it becomes difficult to bear the rest of the expenses, and sometimes even after doing all this, that person is not able to recover and people have to lose both money and the life of their family member.

That is why everyone must have health insurance so that in case of any kind of health problem, you can get financial assistance from the insurance company and your family does not have to bear the burden of the cost of treatment.

But many people do not have health insurance because they do not have information about health insurance and there are many people who have information but they think that if we are healthy then why should we get health insurance.

But it is very important to have health insurance, that’s why here we are going to tell you about a very good and cheap health insurance app so that you can get your health insurance in very less money,

The name of this app is Navi Health Insurance App, you do not have to go to the office of any insurance company nor do any paperwork to insure with this, with this 100% online process you can get your health insurance in just 5 minutes. Huh.

So if you also want to know what is Navi Health Insurance, how to take Best Health Insurance Policy from the Navi Health Insurance App, how much is the premium of Navi Health Insurance, how many days the insurance claim is received,

Which diseases are covered, then read this post till the end and you will get complete information about Navi Health Insurance.

What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a type of general insurance in which there is a contract between the person insured and the insurance company according to which the person insured pays the insurance premium to the insurance company,

And on the occurrence of any health problem (on the diseases covered in the insurance contract) to that person, the insurance company pays the expenses (up to the total amount of sum insured) for his treatment, hospital, medicines, etc. as per the terms of the insurance contract.

Due to this, the insured and his family do not have to bear the burden of the cost of treatment of the disease in case of any kind of disease and they are able to get the treatment of their disease in a good place without worrying about it.

In today’s time, there is no way to know what happens to whom, when what disease may happen, in such a situation, health insurance is very helpful, so everyone must have their health insurance.

What is Navi Health Insurance?

Navi Health Insurance Company is a subsidiary company owned by Navi Technologies, Navi Technologies Digital Finance Facilitation Organization is owned by Sachin Bansal.

Navi Health Insurance is an IRDAI-approved insurance company. It started its operations in November 2017, it started Navi Health Insurance App to sell its insurance products online.

On Navi Health Insurance App, you can easily take health insurance in just 2 to 5 minutes through a completely digital process, for this neither you have to go to any branch nor do any paperwork.

Even while taking Navi health insurance, you do not have to undergo any kind of medical test, and if you ever have to take an insurance claim in case of any illness, then here your claim gets approved in just 20 minutes.

Who can take Navi Health Insurance?

Navi health insurance can also be done for children and elders also what is the age limit for this and till what age people can get health insurance, let us know =>

  • Minimum age limit for children – If you want to ensure the health of a child, then his age should be at least 91 days to get health insurance of the child with Navi Health Insurance.
  • Minimum age limit for young people – If a youth wants to get his health insurance then his age should be at least 18 years.
  • Maximum age limit for taking insurance – There is no upper age limit for taking health insurance up to Rs 2 lakh from Navi Health Insurance, which means a person of any age can get insurance up to 2 lakhs at any time, but health insurance above that The maximum age limit for this is 70 years.

How much is insured on Navi Health Insurance up to Rs?

Before taking health insurance or any other type of insurance from anywhere, it is very important to know how much cover we will get in that insurance policy.

If we talk about Navi Health Insurance, then you can get health insurance on Navi Health Insurance for a minimum of Rs 2 lakh and a maximum of Rs 1 crore.

How long is new health insurance for?

On Navi Health Insurance, you get options to take health insurance for different time frames like you can choose 1 year, 2 years, or 3-year option.

And you can choose an insurance plan of 1,2 or 3 years for yourself.

Features of Navi Health Insurance

Network Hospitals

Providing a cashless hospitalization facility in a health insurance policy by the insurance company is the biggest advantage of a health insurance policy, usually, insurance companies partner with some hospitals,

And then the insured is provided with the facility of treatment in that hospital without spending a single penny out of pocket, and the insurance company bears the cost of treatment up to the amount covered in the insurance.

Navi Health Insurance Company has partnerships with 10 thousand hospitals all over India i.e. if you have taken health insurance with Navi Health Insurance then you can avail cashless hospitalization facility in 10 thousand hospitals across the country without spending a single rupee. You can do your own treatment.

Annual Premium

Before taking insurance from any insurance company, it is very important to get information about its business credit and market performance, that is why it is advisable to take insurance,

That he should find out the annual premium he receives before taking an insurance plan from the insurance company, how much insurance premium is received by that company in a year, this shows how many people have got insurance from that company and it is in the market. How’s the performance?

If we talk about Navi Health Insurance then Navi Health Insurance started functioning in 2017 and as per IRDAI Navi Insurance Company received a premium of Rs 33.35 Crore in the 2019-2020 season.

Claim support ratio

There is no importance in investing time and money in an insurance policy whose company cannot pay and settle the insurance claim on time, that is why it is very important to know the claim paying capacity and past records of the insurance company.

IRDAI releases the claim settlement ratio report of health insurance companies every year to help the people taking insurance so that the customer can choose a good and reliable insurance company.

According to the 2019-2020 report of IRDAI, the claim settlement ratio of Navi Health Insurance company was 98.7% which is a very good score.

Solvency Ratio

It is also very important to know the claim settlement ratio and market reputation of any insurance company along with its financial background as it gives us information about the company’s cash flow and liabilities,

And this shows the ability of the company to pay its liabilities in the short-term and long-term which can be ascertained from the solvency ratio

Solvency Ratio = (Net Income + Depreciation) / Liabilities

Navi Health Insurance Company has a solvency ratio of 2.48 which shows that the company is capable of paying both short-term and long-term liabilities.

How to get Best Health Insurance Policy from Navi?

To get the best health insurance policy from Navi Health Insurance App, follow the steps given below =>

  • First of all, you have to install Navi Health Insurance App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • After that register by entering your mobile number and verifying with OTP.
  • Now a message page will open in front of you, click on Continue.
  • On the next page, you will get the option to add your family members to your policy.
  • Add the member you want to add and click on Continue.
  • You and Jin on the next page Enter the age of the members you have added and click on Continue.
  • Then the message page will open in which you will have to tell whether you are all healthy or someone has some disease.
  • After that, your policy will be ready.
  • On the next page, you have to select your sum insured, on the basis of which you will see your premium below.
  • After selecting the sum assured, click on continue and enter your details.
  • After that, you have to pay the premium by selecting the option of paying a premium in the full premium or monthly installments in one go.
  • After that, your policy will be activated.

After how many days can I claim Navi Health Insurance Policy?

After taking Navi Health Insurance, your insurance policy becomes active but every insurance company has some waiting period for claims after taking the policy, similarly, there is a waiting period for insurance claims in Navi health insurance.

If you have any health problem after taking Navi health insurance then you can claim health insurance only after 30 days of taking the policy but if you get any health problem before 30 days of taking Navi health insurance policy So you will not be able to claim.

Navi Health Insurance Policy Claim Process?

Now this question will also be in your mind what is the process of claiming after taking a health insurance policy from Navi, then let us know =>

Cashless claim process (in-network hospitals)?

In this process Navi company pays all the bills of the hospitals directly, this is the best way as it reduces the hassles of the policyholder.

In this, you have to inform the Navi company about admitting the patient to the hospital and submit the Navi Health Card and all other documents to the hospital and after verification, etc., the insurance company pays all the bills, etc.

Reimbursement (Reimbursement) Claim Process?

This claim process has to be followed when you get treated in a hospital other than the network hospitals of Navi company, in this process you do not get the facility of the cashless claim.

In this, you have to pay all the charges of the hospital, medicine, etc. and later you claim health insurance with all the bills, and the insurance company after verifying all the bills, etc. sends the claim money to your bank account.

How to Contact Navi Insurance Company?

Corporate Office Address – Navi General Insurance Company, 402,403 & 404, A & B Wing, 4th Floor, Fulcrum, Sahar Road, Next to Hyatt Regency, Andheri (E), Mumbai – 400099

Head Office Telephone – 1800 123 0004

Email – [email protected]

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