FlexSalary: Instant Personal Credit Line Loan App Best Guide 2022

Hello friends, today we are going to tell you about FlexSalary App, what is FlexSalary App, how to get instant personal credit line from FlexSalary App, and are going to provide all the information related to flat salary.

Friends, we all work and many of us are doing jobs somewhere, whether the job is of a large level or of a small level, that is, our salary has become more, less it ends by the end of the month,

And in the last days of the month, we have a lot of shortage of money and in that time we are not able to fulfill our needs, we have to wait for the salary coming next month for all of them,

And if suddenly some urgent work comes or due to any other reason there is an urgent need of money, then it becomes very difficult to arrange money, there are many such situations,

There can be many needs like paying house rent, getting married in the house, children’s fees, any accident or illness, repair of house, going somewhere etc.

And it is very difficult to arrange money immediately at the end of the month, our banking system is also so slow if we think of taking a loan from the bank then it takes several weeks.

That’s why today we are going to tell you about an application that provides you salary in advance instantly, through this application you can get instant personal loan within 24 hours.

The name of this application is FlexSalary: Instant Personal Credit Line Loan App, this app provides you instant personal credit line loan through 100% online process without any paperwork,

Which you can use anywhere as per your need and pay later as per your convenience.

But right now there will be many questions in your mind like what is FlexSalary, how to take personal loan from FlexSalary App, who can apply for Personal Loan on FlexSalary App, what is the eligibility for Flex Salary Loan, how much loan from FlexSalary Get,

What are the documents required for Flex Salary Loan and other questions will be in your mind, then read this post till the end and you will get complete information regarding Flex Salary App and taking loan from Flex Salary App.

What is FlexSalary?

FlexSalary is an instant personal credit line loan application. This application was launched in 2017 by FlexSalary Vivifi India Finance Pvt. Ltd which is an RBI Registered Non Banking Finance Company.

Vivifi India Finance Pvt. Ltd is the founder organization of Flexsalary, through which Flex Salary is operated and through this Flex Salary Application provides personal credit line.

Flex Salary Application was launched in 2017 on Google Play Store and Apple App Store and till now this application has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play Store.

FlexSalary provides instant cash loan on your salary at any time. This is a personal loan with no fixed EMI. It is a flexible loan; You can repay your loan in flexible EMIs.

The quick loan application process of Flex Salary app is completely online. If you do net banking verification while applying for Flex Salary Loan then apply online and get fast cash loan approval within few hours.

Salary Advance Loan from FlexSalary can meet your emergency cash needs instantly. You do not need to wait for several days for your instant personal loan to be approved.

So you can apply online through FlexSalary Instant Loan app, to get salary advance loan for your immediate cash needs.

What is Instant Personal Credit Line Loan?

Instant Personal Credit Line Loan is a type of personal loan in which you are provided with a credit limit like a credit card, the advantage of this type of loan is that you do not have to re-approve for the loan again after repaying the loan falls,

Once the credit line is approved, it acts like a credit card. Your credit line money is transferred to your account and when you pay it, it will be credited. erase becomes available to you again,

It is like we get a limit in credit card and after using that limit when we pay the money then that limit becomes available again and we can use it again.

How much loan can be availed from FlexSalary?

Before applying for a loan, it is very important to know that how much loan we will get from the application or institution with which we are going to apply for the loan,

If we talk about FlexSalary App, then on FlexSalary Application we get instant credit line up to ₹ 200000 which is transferred to our bank account after approval.

Flexsalary Interest Rates

It is also very important to know about the interest rate because it depends on whether the loan is expensive or cheap for us, more interest has to be paid on the loan taken at the higher interest rate whereas the interest on the loan of the cheaper interest rate has to be paid less.

The maximum APR(Interest + Charges) on Flex Salary Loan can be up to 36% p.a. Always remember that at what interest rate you will get the loan it depends on your credit score, civil score, credit history, your income etc. .

If the civil score is good, the loan is obtained at a lower interest rate, whereas if the civil score is bad, either your loan is not approved or you get the loan at a higher interest rate.

How long can one get loan from Flex Salary App?

This is a very important question because before taking a loan, it is very important to know about the time taken to repay that loan.

We get 10 months to 36 months to repay the loan taken from Flex Salary App, also we are not restricted to pay any monthly fixed EMI on this application, we can pay the loan as per our convenience .

Flex Salary Loan Fees & Charges

  • One Time Processing Fee – On availing loan from Flex Salary Application, you have to pay a one time processing fee which can range from ₹ 300 to ₹ 750 (with GST), which is only for the new customer to activate the creditline for the first time. Have to give
  • Credit Line Usage Fee – If the credit line is continued after making partial payment of the money taken from the credit line then you have to pay credit line usage charges of ₹ 150 + GST.
  • Late Fee – There is no charge for late payment of loan on Flex Salary Application.
  • Bounced Check Fees – There are no charges for bounced checks at Flex Salary.
  • Prepayment Penalty – You do not have to pay any prepayment penalty for prepayment of the loan taken.

FlexSalary App Loan Example

If a loan of ₹ 50000 is approved which attracts an annual interest rate of 33% and the repayment time of the loan is 10 months, then the total payment will be ₹ 57605, according to which the annual APR will be 35.47%.

Approved loan amount = ₹ 50000

Loan tenure = 10 months

Total amount due for repayment = ₹ 57605

One Time Processing Fee = ₹750

Total interest = Rs.6855

The above example shows the schedule for a customer who makes all suggested payments on time with a minimum payment of 15% of the initial balance (principal).

The interest rate can be higher or lower depending on the risk profile of the customer.

If you fulfill the normal loan eligibility criteria of this application, then your loan is approved at the time of applying and the money is transferred to your bank account on the same day.

Flexsalary Loan Eligibility

If you want to take loan from flex salary app then you have to fulfill flexsalary eligibility criteria.

  • Applicant should be an Indian citizen.
  • The minimum monthly income of the applicant should be at least ₹8000.
  • The minimum age of the applicant should be 21 years.
  • Documents required to take FlexSalary Personal Loan
  • Identity Proof – Aadhar Card/Driving License/Passport/Voter ID
  • Address Proof – Driving License/Utility Bill/Aadhaar/Passport/Bank Statement
  • One photograph of the applicant in which the face is clearly visible. (take selfie or upload photo)
  • Net banking verification to validate your income.

FlexSalary Operational States

Flex Salary Application works equally in all states of India, you live in any state of India, you can take loan from Flex Salary Application or Flex Salary website.

How to Download Flexsalary App

You can download Flexsalary APK from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, you have to go to Play Store and write Flex Salary app and you will get Flex Salary application in front of you, you can download and install it by clicking on it.

Either you can also download Flex Salary Application by clicking on this link Flexsalary App Download.

How To Take Loan With Flex Salary Application: FlexSalary Personal Loan Apply Online

  • Image is taken from Flex salary website
  • Download Flex Salary Application from Google Play Store or Apple App Store ,
  • Now register on it with your mobile number.
  • Now enter your basic details.
  • Now upload your documents.
  • Your application will be reviewed and documents will be verified.
  • Once everything goes well, your loan will be approved.
  • Your loan amount will be transferred to your bank account within a few hours of loan approval.

Why choose flex salary for personal loan?

  • Here you get the facility to apply for a loan through a 100% secure, easy and fast online process.
  • Your loan approval is done here instantly.
  • Here you can get a loan at an attractive interest rate.
  • The loan approval rate here is very high.
  • You get the approval on time and you can use it anytime.
  • Is it safe to take a loan from Flex Salary?
  • Flex Salary is a completely secure application for loan availing here your data is kept encrypted and used only for verification of your application.
  • Flex salary does not share your data with any third party.
  • FlexSalary Loan vs Other Personal Loans
  • Key Features FlexSalary Loan Other Personal Loan
  • Loan Application You have to apply for the loan only once. You have to apply again to get a new loan.
  • Loan Approval You only have to take one time approval for the loan. Approval has to be taken every time to take a new loan.
  • Loan disbursement The loan is transferred within a few hours. It may take up to 48 hours for the loan money to be transferred.
  • You have complete exemption on loan tenure, now you can decide the time according to you. The loan tenure is fixed before the loan is granted.
  • Additional Cash You can use your credit line anytime. A new application has to be submitted each time.
  • Repayment You can make part or full payment as per your convenience. Your EMI is pre-determined and everything is under the control of the loan provider.
  • Prepayment Penalty There is no penalty on the prepayment of the loan. A loan prepayment fee of up to 5% may be required.
  • FlexSalary Contact Details
  • Address: 5th Floor, Block C, Sanali Info Park, Road No: 2, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034.
  • Email at: [email protected]

What is FlexPay?

FlexPay is a payment facility provided by FlexSalary or works in the same way as Google Pay, Phone Pay etc. It is a UPI QR Scan & Pay facility, You can make payments directly from your application by scanning any UPI QR code through Flex Salary Application.

With FlexPay, you can make payments on any UPI very easily, for this you neither have to enter any debit card or credit card details nor do you have to enter a PIN.

Here we have tried to provide all the information related to flexsalary app like what is flexsalary, flexsalary loan eligibility, flexsalary interest rates, flexsalary app download, how to apply flexsalary loan.

If you have any question regarding taking loan from Flex Salary Application, then definitely tell us by commenting, we will definitely answer your questions,

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